By Benjamin Shapiro
My truck bounced down the back road,

Listening to the songs of frogs and toads,

Bloodhound sittin’ shotgun,

Gonna have us a lot of fun,

Girl in short shorts smiles at me,

Her roots are showin’  lordy be,

Momma done musta raised her right,

She is dang perty and quite a sight,

Jesus wants us to get married,

Man and woman, no damned fairies, 

We’ll dress in camo with red white and blue,

Then salute the proud and the few, 

As we bomb all those not like us, 

Tryin’ our durndest not to cuss,

Because my hard-workin’ daddy wouldn’t like that,

Like he hates welfare folks who are fat. 

Kiss my ass if you think I’m wrong,

Fire my gun into the air for my country song.

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