By Benjamin Shapiro
Focus on the ugly

And that is what you’ll see,

Focus on the beautiful

That’s what the world will be. 

Hatred’s face sometimes seems

To be our planet’s mask,

Tearing it off of earth’s face 

Is a Herculean task. 

Do we fight Hatred’s March 

With hatred of our own?

Do we replace other’s hate

To put our’s on the throne?

We must break this cycle,

Throwing anger to the side,

Shining light upon this ignorance 

That in the darkness hides. 

Be patient with the hateful

Becoming human won’t be quick, 

Wield the tools of love to heal

As doctor’s do the sick. 

Do not give in to baseness,

Becoming what they hate,

Teach them that we’re all alike

Before it’s much too late. 

If we don’t kill hatred now,

Then it will be too late.

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