By Benjamin Shapiro
Everyday, now take note,

E’eryday grab life by the scrote,

And run straight towards the light 

That burns eternally bright,

Never being ruled by fright. 

Lifetime is a great big word

For a time so short, as to be absurd, 

And once the candle’s flame is done

Once you’re out of time for fun,

When all you had begins to rust

And you once again become stardust 

It’s all over, gone, kaputt,

So don’t shoot yourself in the foot. 

Eat that cake, steal that kiss,

Never let a chance be missed, 

Don’t wait to live until you retire,

Never miss out ’cause you’re tired,

Soon you’ll find yourself asleep

In black oceans infinitely deep. 
Life itself is a gift,

Use it to lift 

Yourself and your friends 

To greater ends.


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