Dear Winners 
By Benjamin Shapiro

Dear winners,

Congratulations, your guy won,

Now for you to have some fun. 

Dear winners, 

You still have no jobs,

But at least you’re not liberal slobs. 

Dear winners,

There goes your welfare check, 

Now place that noose around your neck. 

Dear winners,

Your former boss gets a tax cut,

Still threw you out onto your butt. 

Dear winners,

Hope you like your beloved wall. 

Goes so well with freedom’s fall. 

Dear winners,

I’ll get to keep my healthcare,

We’ll see how your Trumpcare fares. 

Dear winners, 

Can’t you see you haven’t won?

The America you love is gone?

Dear winners,

I am angry on your behalf, 

Though as I cry, you sit and laugh. 

Dear winners,

You never won a thing,

Not a single fucking thing,

Nobody won on election day,

God’s ceased to bless the USA.

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