By Benjamin Shapiro
In the world there are goodfers

And, of course, there ‘re badfers

All these folks make up the human race. 

Goodfer are often goodfer somethin’

Just as often goodfer nothin’

And badfers sometimes sing Amazin’ Grace. 

Sometimes badfers, they’re just plain bad,

More often, though, they’re feelin’ sad

‘Cause goodfers treat them like they are a waste.

Maybe if goodfers stopped being  proudfer

Not being like the badfers,

Who get so damn madfer

Having their badness thrown in their face.

Perhaps the goodfers then could see

Without badfers they wouldn’t be

Considered goodfer anything in the first place. 
Be a goodfer if you can

And realize that your fellow man

Isn’t worsefer being disparate.  

Live together, share yer shoes

Walk a mile through your blues. 

We’re all herefer something and not so separate.


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