By Benjamin Shapiro
Old Man cried out, soul nearly broke

Screaming at a God who ne’er spoke 

A God he prayed to every day

A God that had nothing left to say,

He shrieked to heaven to be heard,

The only response was a small bird. 

In anger he picked up a sharp stone,

Before he knew it, he had thrown

And struck the bird with all his might, 

The bird took off, but not in flight .

The man looked down at what he’d done 

And to the ground he had flung

Himself to beg his silent God

To spoil him and spare wrathful rod. 

The silence filled his ears and soul,

As he looked at the life he stole,

He stopped talking then and heard,

From deep within, a healing word,

Life reentered the little bird,

And life entered his heart as well,

As the walls placed there by his life fell,

And anger drained from out his soul,

An emptiness that left him whole. 

The bell of truth rang in his ears

A truth he taught both far and near:

In a world full of noise and violence , 

God speaks in the peace and silence.


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