By Benjamin Shapiro
Dear girls,

Daddy here

You are my world 

You give me cheer 

I am only here today 

Due to the love you give

I just wanted to say

Thanks for teaching me to live. 

Once upon a time, you see

I was not the man you know,

Not e’en the man I sought to be,

The man you helped to grow. 

I hope you were too young then

To remember the bad days,

To remember all the times when 

I stumbled home in a daze. 

I was a drunk and very mad 

I treated you so wrong

I made your mother very sad

And barely got along. 

I didn’t hate you guys at all,

Though it did seem that way

I was a human who did fall

And tried to run away. 

No, I never left you guys,

My escape was beer and wine,

And when I drank, my ire did rise,

It happened every time. 

In the punishment I sought

I really punished you,

Demons needed to be fought,

But I only hurt you two. 

One day, I woke up again in pain,

Your mother wanted to leave,

I swore I’d never drink again,

A promise hard to believe. 

But I have kept it up so far,

And hope I’ll make amends,

You two are my shining stars

My babies to the end. 

Forgive a lost man, for his heart

Belongs to his heroes two. 

We’ve been given a new start. 

As always,  Daddy loves you.


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