By Benjamin Shapiro
The fly lives three days

By human reckoning

Before the Grim Reaper

Comes a-beckoning. 

But the fly is small

And by his measure

Those three short days

Are a lifetime of treasure. 

He feels the world’s turn

Much slower than man

And learns much quicker

Than any of us can. 

A lifetime of info

Crammed into a blink. 

Now look up in the sky

And give this a think:

Man lives a mere tick

On the universal clock

Spinning around

On an amazing blue rock

But we feel time slower

Than celestial spheres

A lifetime of dreams

Peppered with fears. 

In those short decades

That we are alive

Wouldn’t it be nice

If we could strive

To stop fighting

Over a speck of dust?

Perhaps learn to love,

And give in to trust?

Life isn’t long

Just the blink of an eye. 

We can all take a lesson 

From the life of a fly.


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