By Benjamin Shapiro

It’s easy to be stuck 

In a downward cycling rut

And not be aware

Of falling from thin air

With wings clipped

Or even ripped

From sockets 

Head down, hands in pockets

Feet shuffling

Mind scuffling

With bad thoughts

As soul rots. 

I grab the cliff’s edge

Searching for saving ledge

And dragging myself

Towards mental health

Knowing it’s all illusion,

Negativity’s delusion 

That I’m not good enough, 

When times are rough. 

Look to blue sky

Though gray clouds fill eyes

And find a hand hold,

Lift up, be bold,

Never fold

Or become cold. 

The sun always shines 

Even while behind

Dark cloud quilts

So don’t wilt,

Search for the light

To make your day bright.


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