By Benjamin Shapiro 
​Life goes on,

As The Beatles once sang,

Even when it goes wrong 

And the days fill with rain. 

Still it moves forth

Regardless of you,

Cares not for self worth,

Nor for the many nor few. 
Life ambles on,

And time passes to,

And though it seems long, 

It’s too short when it’s through, 

And waiting for life, 

To give you worth, 

Is like hoping strife

Will leave the earth. 
Life tarries on,

And it is your choice

To create your own song

And find your own voice. 

Days are to be seized,

Not allowed to fly by,

It’s gone with a breeze 

And you’ll wonder why 
Life moved on

And twilight is now

And the ceaseless throng

Has ceased it’s flow

And your time is spent

And now you regret

That who you were meant

To be won’t be met. 
Life is moving 

You should be, too. 

Life is for loving

The many and few,

But only if one

Decides to live that way,

Don’t walk, you must run,

For life starts today.


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