By Benjamin Shapiro
They were only children,

Some at their first concert,


Singing along,

Only kids. 

They were only children and

They are gone and

The mind screams 

At this. 

No god

Is worth death

No religion 

Owed this blood debt. 

Parents cry

Not just their’s,

But all 

For babies 

Not coming home.


Perhaps if we had 

More logic and less feelings

We’d be good Vulcans.
Trekku 2
Banging out green chicks

And having Tribble trouble:

Captain James T. Kirk.
Trekku 3
Uhura translates,

Low-key running the whole ship

In a mini-skirt.
Trekku 4
Montgomery Scott

He can take all of your shit,

His engines canna.

Trekku 5
Bones McCoy is

Only a doctor, a great

One, and nothing else.
Trekku 6
Oh my, he now says,

But I remember him sans

Shirt, Sulu with sword.

Ayn Rand is a Toddler 

by Ben Shapiro 
And mama said to share my toys,

You know she is the worst,

Never played with other boys

Really it’s just, “me first.”

And sharing takes a part of me,

Not sharing keeps me whole, you see. 

Damn them all, just leave me be.

Empathy and the Writer 

Being a writer, a successful one, requires not just imagination. Imagination is important, but more than this one needs empathy. How can you write a character other than yourself if you can’t become that character? And how can you become that character without an open heart that feels all of their ups and downs?
Imagination may paint their features, empathy paints their souls.

Perfect Girl 

By Benjamin Shapiro
Uncertainty lies

Beneath her smile

And in her eyes

You see her trials

Being pretty

Is what she knows

Being shitty

Is how life goes. 

While she looks perfect

Cause that is what you see

In her soul you can detect

How deep sadness can be

It is hard to stay perfect

When darkness is all she sees.

Electric Big Bang 

By Benjamin Shapiro
I feel a storm in the breeze, 

Electric atmosphere entering

Synaptic circuits, seething,

Causing creative cacophony

In mind’s massive microcosm. 

Universe unbound, undying. Undulating

Space-time motion sick

As big bang births