Modern Discourse

By Benjamin Shapiro
Hey, that website confirms my bias,

I will only read it,

That damn fool disagrees with me,

I’m gonna go talk shit,

I don’t want to hear the truth

It hurts a little bit,

If your truth and mine dont match,

I may just have a fit. 
Facts and figures are for nerds,

I’d rather just follow my herd,

Because it’s easier this way,

I’m taking my ball and refusing to play.

Silly Us

By Benjamin Shapiro
We live in a space-time

That allows us to see

Stellar birth in cosmic clouds, 

Pillars pushing out planets,

Inescapable darkness 

Indescribable light,

Yet we fight

Over beings

That remain unseen

And land 

That belongs to no man. 

Infinite knowledge

Is no match for

Ignorant certainty.

AM Gold 

By Benjamin Shapiro
Jim sings sad songs

To which I sing along,

While Paul’s role

Is to bare my soul,

And John sings

Of Rocky Mountain things. 

A Cat by any other name

Makes me cry just the same 

When father & son join hands

And Nilsson strikes up the band. 

Harry sings of silver spoons

And men in moons

And I feel again

Like I did way back when. 

Happy sadness

Sane madness

Then Gordon comes along 

And calls me pussy in a song.

Lift Up

By Benjamin Shapiro

It’s easy to be stuck 

In a downward cycling rut

And not be aware

Of falling from thin air

With wings clipped

Or even ripped

From sockets 

Head down, hands in pockets

Feet shuffling

Mind scuffling

With bad thoughts

As soul rots. 

I grab the cliff’s edge

Searching for saving ledge

And dragging myself

Towards mental health

Knowing it’s all illusion,

Negativity’s delusion 

That I’m not good enough, 

When times are rough. 

Look to blue sky

Though gray clouds fill eyes

And find a hand hold,

Lift up, be bold,

Never fold

Or become cold. 

The sun always shines 

Even while behind

Dark cloud quilts

So don’t wilt,

Search for the light

To make your day bright.


By Benjamin Shapiro
Fatherhood is raising,

Scolding, and praising, 

Preparing and hugging,

Piggy-back lugging,

Laughing until tears,

Working through fears,

Watching them grow,

Teaching what you know,

Giving them away,

Missing the days of play, 

Beaming with pride,

While crying inside. 
Fatherhood is all these things,

It’s tales you tell, songs you sing. 

It’s the greatest job of all,

Being daddy is a ball.


By Benjamin Shapiro
We need rain: a storm so powerful

It cleans the dirt from our very souls. 

We need teardrops from heaven

To wash the mud downstream. 

We need reflection in deep puddles

To make us again whole. 

We need a healing cleanse

To fulfill our earthly dreams. 

A unified humanity

A world without clans

A place pure of heart,

Love for fellow man. 

But I sit here full of doubt,

Because we’re in times of drought.

What Have We Become 

By Benjamin Shapiro
We claim the high road,

We say, “we are better,”

But even in saying that 

We are the same. 

We all have sides

We take

All have kool-aid

We drank

And we make each other

The other

When we celebrate

Others’ pain. 

Not one person 

Is better than another

Who separates themselves 

From their brother.

Poet’s Block 

By Benjamin Shapiro
Feeling awfully empty round these parts 

With no words in my soul

Nothing inside to put to paper

No nouns to fill this gaping hole. 

I wish I had a poem now

The cursor blinks at me,

Blank screen screams at nothingness

Verbs vying to be free. 

I’m tired and I’m spread so thin, 

Adjectives alone won’t do,

Give me similes and metaphors, 

Like prisms spreading hues. 
Oh look, I wrote a poem,

Right before I fell asleep,

Not the greatest in the world,

But it is the world’s to keep.